St. Pete Beach Community Center Needs


Q: What do residents who use the community center tell staff they need, service-wise?

A: "There is not much that is asked, service-wise, that we don't provide," Director Jennifer McMahon says, adding that programs currently available at the center resulted from such requests. They include childcare (after-school and summer programs), health-related options like a fitness center and fitness classes (including SilverSneakers), social events such as senior excursions, bridge, social Mahjong, and special interest classes (like photography), events, and the aquatic center.

Occasionally the center does get requests for things it doesn't offer. Patrons will occasionally ask "do you have a sauna or hot tub?"

"I usually point outside and say that is our 100 degree sauna," McMahon says. Sometimes people request classes for which the city doesn't have an instructor, such as gymnastics.

"Usually if I get enough requests for one class, I can search for an instructor and get it offered," McMahon says. "We also get asked by fitness center users if we have showers and locker room in the community center which we don't but do at the pool. But other than that, I think we have something to fit most needs presented to us."


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