St. Pete Beach Housekeeping


• Dogs can no longer frolic in city sports fields. The city commission voted to pass an ordinance banning dogs from the fields. Although the city has long had “no dog” signs at sports field entrances, the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office made the city aware that it could not enforce the signs until the city passed a law to support the signs.

• The $400,000 St. Pete Beach saved by outsourcing police services to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office will go towards capital improvements. Tuesday night the St. Pete Beach Commission voted to transfer the money to the capital improvement budget, although city manager Mike Bonfield noted that the city has not earmarked the funds for a specific project and the fund will remain in reserves until future use.

• Almost a year after Tropical Storm Debby wreaked havoc on St. Pete Beach, FEMA reimbursed the city for over $25,000 spent on alley work, buoy replacements and park fencing.
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