St. Pete Beach Sewer Issues

Q: When it rains heavily, the sewers along Gulf Winds Drive overflow into the storm sewers. Can the city fix this and how much will it cost?

A: We asked Public Services Director Steve Hallock to explain what happens during heavy storms. Here’s what he told us:

 “Heavy rains and high tides can flow into our wastewater collection system through gaps and cracks in manholes and piping. This fills the system up, especially if the treatment plant cannot keep up and overflows can result,” he says. The system, 50 years old in many places, needs work. To get this work done , the city’s adjusted sewer rates over the past few years. The extra money will go in a speacial fund earmarked for these repairs.
In places like Gulf Winds Drive, a few things are going on. The city will replace the large pipe, called a force main, that connects to the south end of Gulf Winds. This will cost almost a quarter of a million dollars. Then the city will refurbish all the manholes on Gulf Winds (this will cost about $25,000). Finally, the city will test the lines on Gulf Winds and likely completely rebuild them. The testing should cost $13,000 and the improvements and street reconstruction will cost about $2.4 million. When will this all happen? The depends on the coming year’s budget, Hallock says.
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