St. Pete Beach Trash Collection


Q: What’s going on with the city’s trash collection service?

A: WSI, the trash company that services St. Pete Beach, told St. Pete Beach Public Works Director Steve Hallock it sent all customers a letter about changes to the trash collection schedule. Several residents said they didn’t receive the letter and didn’t realize their trash collection and curbside recycling days had changed. Here is the city’s new collection schedule:

 South: Tuesday and Friday

 Middle: Monday and Thursday

 North: Wednesday and Friday

 Recycling for all areas of the city: Friday

 Commercial collection days do not change.


 Initially, Hallock explains, WSI wanted to collect trash in the north section of the city on Saturday, but the city wouldn’t allow it. WSI asked for two weeks to make the change, so north section residents should place their trash curbside for Saturday collection this week only.


 Here’s how to tell in what section of the city you live:

North – 67th Avenue and all places north as well as Palm Point and 55th Avenue

Middle – Between  36th Avenue and 67th Avenue

South – 36th Avenue and all places south

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