St. Pete Beach Wins Anderson Lawsuit


St. Pete Beach won its most recent lawsuit. The lawsuit, brought forth by a resident and former loser in a commission race, challenged whether or not the city properly re-adopted its comprehensive plan. Judge David Demers said it did, but not before the city spent several hundred thousand dollars defending its re-adoption.

Monday morning the Pinellas County Circuit Court issued a Final Judgment in the James Anderson vs. St. Pete Beach case. The judge ruled that the city’s re-adoption of its comprehensive plan, despite Mr. Anderson’s assertion, was valid.

“Our plan has already been reviewed under this process and has approvals from all the necessary state and local agencies,” Commissioner Jim Parent said Monday. “After that, our comprehensive plan was challenged and subsequently upheld in Court and on appeal.”  

This judgment finds in favor of the city for this final count in what the City refers to as “The Anderson Lawsuit.” The city already won the other counts in this suit.

Although this judgment could mean the end of an expensive legal process for the city, Mr. Anderson’s attorney could either file a motion for a rehearing (in the next two weeks) or file an appeal (in the next 30 days.)

“Let us hope that neither of these paths are taken,” Commissioner Parent said, “and our city can move forward as our economy begins to pick up.”

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