Still Playing, After All These Years

Still Playing, After All These Years

After the pitcher narrowly misses Hap Pierson with the ball, Mr. Pierson gets a hit and heads for first base.

Jimmy McKean used to be an umpire in the major leagues. He worked three World Series and two All-Star games.

Bob Hitchins played his first baseball game for the Gulfport Pups, one of four Gulfport teams, in 1949.

Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, these men – and about 100 others like them– play ball with the  Gulfport Boomerangs at Hoyt Field. The first game starts at eight in the morning. In the winter months, the Boomerangs play two games; in the summer, they play one. The Boomerangs have over 100 players. How do you make the team?

“If you can take a breath, you got it,” Mr. McKean jokes. The 55-and-over ball club has members in their eighties, but they have younger members in their late fifties. After each game, they knock back coffees at Dunkin’ Donuts.

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