Students of Gulf Beaches Past

Cathy Salustri

Students of Gulf Beaches Past

Carrie Hill moved from Fort Myers Beach to Treasure Island and continues her volunteer work with a local historical society. In Fort Myers Beach, she helped with Indian mound digs and fundraising. Here, she’ll work with the Gulf Beaches Historical Museu

Did you go to school on the beach? If you did, you can go look up your old school pictures at the Gulf Beaches Historical Museum. The museum belongs to the county but volunteers manage the museum, which lives in an old church converted to a house converted to a museum on Pass-a-Grille.

Lance Peterson, a volunteer and vice president of Friends of Gulf Beaches Historical Museum, says the museum could use volunteers. The time commitment, he says, doesn’t ask too much of people.

“We ask for two three hour shifts a month,” he says, during which time volunteers greet people, answer questions, and “show off the museum.”

Currently the museum has about 50 volunteers, Mr. Peterson says, but not all are considered “active” volunteers.

“At any given time about half of them are active," he says, “As age takes over their lives... They have less time to give to the museum."

If you can give the museum six hours a month or more, Mr. Peterson asks that you call Sandie Lyman at (727) 458-4058 to set up training. You need not be a trained historian or have any experience.