"Suspicious Death” Resulted from Natural Causes

"Suspicious Death” Resulted from Natural Causes

 Almost a month after his roommate found him dead, police released preliminary findings: 61-year-old Richard Cummins died from natural causes.

 Gulfport Police Detective Hanh Pham said the county medical examiner ruled the May 29 “suspicious death” one resulting from natural causes.

 When police arrived on scene at 5802 Gulfport Boulevard on May 28 – in response to Zachary Logwood’s call that his roommate, Cummins, had died, they called the death at 5802 Gulfport Boulevard “suspicious.”

 A suspicious death does not mean murder, but when police cannot determine the cause of death, they label it “suspicious.”

 “When we label something as a suspicious death, it’s more or less because the cause has yet to be determined and there’s signs at the scene that we haven’t been able to rule the death as an accident or natural until [there’s] further investigation. If something doesn’t appear natural at the time, we consider it suspicious,” Detective Pham explained in May. "[The] nature of the crime scene – lots of blood inside the house, and the roommate came home, found the body, and did not know what happened to the deceased" led to this decision to proceed as though the home could be a crime scene.

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