Teen Council
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I assume Al Davis's cancer is smoking related. I can't help but wonder at a younger age and still smoking, how he would have felt about the ban? I disagree with his display in the context it was presented but anti-smoking ads on t.v. do as much. Displaying diseased body parts, ughg. The campaigns try to deter teen smoking, a message the teen council says it supports. I'm confused, why not support the ban? The teens use the logic taught to them by their teachers, please everyone. Civil liberties. Sorry, life isn't fair, you can't do that.

Try this big picture. A family goes to the beach. The non-smoking half is full, the smoking half has room. Do you:

1. Move to the smoking half and hope you're not soon surrounded by smokers or

2. Go home and write a nasty letter to the Gabber?

Let's talk civil liberties, I have the liberty to carry a gun but not on a public beach. If it were to go off I would endanger those around me. That's a take on second hand smoke, your cigarette might endanger me.

Yes,the teen council "got a good lesson in government" that night. They have a second chance, start investigating the "wet area" idea. When will that hit council chambers? Get crackin' kids.

Just saying.

                                           Stan Kreuter

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