Ten Year Old Author Inspires Others

Ten Year Old Author Inspires Others

Isabella Kontrick, 10, reads from her first published novel, "The Barracuda's Curse" at Tuesday night's fundraising event at Tangelo's.

Tuesday night at Tangelo's, 10-year-old Isabella Kontrick read from her published book, The Barracuda's Curse, which she wrote when she was nine. 

Kontrick, other writers, and those inspired by the writing community met at the "Dine For Words" fundraiser to help support local writer Trace Taylor's new effort, Community Leveraged Learning.

Community Leveraged Learning springs from the Gulfport Annual Book Writing Workshop, now entering its second year. Workshops like the book writing workshop as well as others that could include everything from lyrical essays to chemistry will benefit first graders through high school seniors.

Taylor, who writes for emergent readers, created the workshops. A new reader, regardless of age, qualifies as an emergent reader. Look for more information about upcoming writing workshops at the Gulfport Public Library.

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