The Benghazi Apologists

The Benghazi Apologists

  I know the election is about the economy, the deficits and  debt, jobs, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, impressions from debates, and, yes, Big Bird and other stupid things, but the real world has a way of crashing in. And that real world is the world of jihadism and the war with Muslim extremists - the ones we (all but the Obama compatriots) call terrorists - all over the world.

  And nothing was more realistic than the murders of our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans in the consulate in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. But equally unrealistic and untruthful was the handling, before and after, of the coordinated terrorist attack by the Obama administration. Not only was the ambassador and his staff left woefully unprotected, but there were ample warnings before the attack as well as requests from the embassy for additional protection.  

  Despite intelligence to the contrary, the administration insisted for days that the Benghazi attack was caused by a half-baked anti-Mohammed video that has wobbled around YouTube since July. The attack was a spontaneous street demonstration that turned ugly, the administration said. It sent out its top "they're speaking for us" people to numerous talk shows to push the "spontaneous" line. That in spite of the the Libyan government's declaration from the very beginning that this was an Al-Queda attack. 

  Worse, afterward, President Obama treated this as a minor event. "A bump in the road", he called it. Unfortunately, the "bumps" were the bodies of Ambassador Stevens, a staffer and two ex-Navy Seals, who weren't even assigned to the ambassador. Obama had more important things to do like a fund raising event, or appearances on popular TV shows. It was easier to sic the PR attack dogs on Gov. Romney for daring to criticize the U.S. Embassy's video apology.

  The aftermath wasn't any better. No U.S. officials got near the consulate in the aftermath. It was a CNN reporter who retrieved Ambassador Steven's diary that showed he was concerned for his own safety. Other sensitive documents were rescued by other media people and the FBI didn't arrive for weeks after. In the interim, the mother of the State Department staffer can't get a response from our government as to how he died in spite of the fact that an autopsy has already been completed.

  Even conceding that the video caused "the Arab street" demonstrations in Egypt and other Muslim countries around the world, it is a stretch of credibility to believe that everything was spontaneous, and not contrived nor coordinated by terrorist Muslim forces allied against us.

  I read, privately, a dispatch sent from the Libyan Embassy on July 9 approved by ambassador Stevens, outlining the deteriorating security conditions in Libya and existence of various organized violent groups, and the embassy's concern about the reduction of security by the U.S. Yes, you read that right. The State Department was systematically reducing security even as the anniversary of 9/11 approached and in spite of requests from the Libyan Embassy for more security.

  Did President Obama know about the dispatch? Probably not directly. It was not passed on to the White House. However, his security briefings would have included facts about the deteriorating conditions in Libya and elsewhere and maybe even about the video and the potential for that being used for an excuse for attacks. This was not the fault of the intelligence community but the administration's inability or refusal to act upon the information. The administration is willing to blame the State Department as if they aren't a part of the administration.

  Instead of dealing with the situation the Obama administration has spent its energy apologizing for the anti-Mohammed video, even arresting its producer on some sort of probation violation. As an aside, there was no similar condemnation of the "Piss Christ" ( yes, that's the name of the "art" piece) currently on display in New York. What is apparent is that the Obama administration regards the Benghazi horror as an irritant and distraction from the presidential campaign, and a direct and irritating contradiction that all's right between the U.S. and the Muslim extremist world. If we just wouldn't call the extremists terrorists and spent more time negotiating with them and requiring the people of the U.S. to understand them better and….