The same old false statements
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Last week Ken Weiss responded to someone asking him to stop the lawsuits against the city of SPB by once again by mis stating what is in the SPB comprehensive plan. His claim that the plan exempts future projects from paying impact fees in violation of state law has been shown to be false, yet he continues to make the same ridiculous claim. State law dictates when and how impact fees are collected and does not allow a city to "opt" out of collecting those fees. The DCA would not have approved the plan with the provision Weiss claims is in the comp plan. The provision Weiss keeps alluding to in the SPB comp plan, actually calls for additional fees above and beyond what is required by state law. It makes you wonder if 1. Weiss does not have the expertise or intellect to understand what is written in black and white or 2. he is intentionally making misleading claims to further his own personal agenda. Either way, it is pretty obvious that something is very wrong with the way he thinks. Related Articles
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