They Want to Ride Their Bicycles

They Want to Ride Their Bicycles

Gulfport bike enthusiast Kelly Wright gives the thumbs up as local politicians spoke to the small peloton of cyclists gathered at Stetson University College of Law Friday night.

 Friday night, a peloton of cyclists saddled up at Stetson University College of Law and pedaled their way to downtown Gulfport. The cyclists included local politicians, a handful of non-Stetson locals, and students from a Stetson environmental advocacy class, taught by professor Lance Long.

 According to a press release from Stetson, the group organized the two-mile “challenge” to “raise awareness about alternative transportation.”

 The ride coincided with the end of the semester, and students seized the opportunity to combine their passion for the pedals with a passion for a pint, ending the ride at Peg’s Cantina, where many riders chose to celebrate a successful ride with a glass of Peg’s appropriately-named Cycle Brewing Company beer.

 Law Student Elise Pautler called the ride “ a great opportunity for Stetson students and the Gulfport community to get excited about bicycle commuting. It is fun, and in a smaller city like Gulfport, it is completely feasible.”

Professor Long’s students also planted an organic vegetable garden at the Gulfport campus. In his class, Professor Long said he hoped to teach that “environmental advocacy, or any type of advocacy for that matter, is not limited to using legal avenues for addressing problems. Sometimes, collaboration is better than litigation.”


How could Gulfport be more bike-friendly? We asked some of these riders; pick up the print edition of the Gabber and turn to page 19 to see what they said in this week’s Gabs.
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