totalitarian city government


This letter was sent to City Council. I asked my friend, Michelle St Martin to read it into the record but she was shut down by Vice Mayor Henderson. Is this the totalitarian city government you want run by Sam Henderson…because that is his true colors. Dear Council and staff, I am sorry I can’t attend the meeting tonight so I have composed this statement. I can’t begin to tell you how stressed and disappointed I am in your ability as a body to follow through on the Boy Scout of America issue. The BSA membership policy is ignorant, hateful and discriminatory. As a city known as progressive this should never be allowed. The Gay, Lesbian, bisexual and transgender community for which you serve, is offended. Make it as technical as you like but bottom-line here is the city is not enforcing its own human rights ordinance. Jan and I met with City Manager Jim OReilly and Council Woman Barbara Banno is late 2012. We walked away from that meeting feeling confident that certain things would happen. We felt these things were a good Compromise. At that time we were willing to work with the local scout leader, since then we have seen the true BSA culture from this man. As a representative of the BSA and Acting as a representative of the BSA Mr. Frank Zigmund has told us he wouldn’t acknowledge our same sex marriage, and he that he is married to his wife and didn’t he believe in that (meaning our marriage). I emailed him asking for an application to volunteer. His response was, Frank Zigmund: “Pope Benedict in his New Year Resolution denounced homosexuality. Was wondering what your view is on this. Will the city be in violation of its HRO policy by letting catholics use any city facilities?” Please no more hate and discrimination in Gulfport. Council stands up. Fights against hate monger, the BSA. Give the young men of this organization a chance to learn and grow in a culture of tolerance and equality. Ask the BSA to leave the city property and allow it to be used for a tolerant and equal to all organization, were these you men and others can thrive. Denise Wimmer Lowe Defender/Activist for equality and children