Updated Gulfport Mayoral Campaign Reports

Updated Gulfport Mayoral Campaign Reports

Bob Worthington, right; Sam Henderson, left.

Friday afternoon, both of Gulfport’s mayoral candidates submitted one final campaign expense and contribution reports before Tuesday’s elections. Below we’ve detailed those contributions and provided links to political groups and politicians listed, when possible.

To read the previous campaign reports, as they appeared in the Gabber this Thursday (March 7), click here.

Note: In Thursday’s article we mistakenly identified Karen Saletos as a Gulfport resident when she lives in St. Petersburg. Ms. Saletos donated to the Henderson campaign. The Gabber apologizes for the error.

Here’s who gave money to each of the candidates:

Bob Worthington

Anthony and Gerri Angel, Gulfport, $150
Beach Boulevard Condo Sales Corp, Gulfport, $500 (Address is Caldwell Realty)
Joseph Braun Painting, LLC, Gulfport, $25
Stephanie Brobeil, Gulfport, $100
Gina Burke, Gulfport, $20
Patty and Lawrence Burke, Gulfport, $100
Ruth Gruhn, Gulfport, $100
David C Hastings CPA PA, Gulfport, $140
Susan and William Jonas, Gulfport, $25
Teddy Kehoe, Gulfport, $260
John Marjory Milford, Gulfport, $50
Gerard O’Regan, Gulfport, $100
William and Rose-Marie Seawall, Gulfport, $100
Southwest Pinellas Storage, Gulfport, $200
Margarete Tober, Gulfport, $25
Zozak Inc, Gulfport, $100

Daniel Chestnut, St. Petersburg, $20
Stephens M. Conn, South Pasadena, $200
Larry Florenza, South Pasadena, $100
Florida Leadership Fund, Tampa, $500 (Jack Latvala is associated with this Committee)
Foundation For Freedom, St. Petersburg, $500 (Associated Representative, Jim Frishe)
Ed Jennings, St. Petersburg, $100
Locke and Associates, St. Petersburg, $100
Elise and Vaughn McCarthy, South Pasadena, $200
Pinellas County Republican Party, Clearwater, $1000
Robert Pope, St. Petersburg, $20
Rentals Unlimited, Ohio, $25
Melf and Betty Sembler, St. Petersburg, $500

Sam Henderson

In Kind Donations:
West Dupes, Gulfport, $189
Laura Henderson, Gulfport, $30 (Mr. Henderson’s wife)
Don McKeating, Gulfport, $75
Pia’s Trattoria, Gulfport, $300
Faun Weaver, Gulfport, $40

Connie Kuhn, Ohio, $50

Cash Donations:
Michael Arendall, Gulfport, $50
Tamara Diesing, Gulfport, $20
Diana Fleming, Gulfport, $75
Charlie Justice, Gulfport, $100 (Pinellas County Commission)
Troy Kerr, Gulfport, $10
Jonathan Kile, Gulfport, $25
Beverly Marston, Gulfport, $50
Craig Marston, Gulfport, $50
Don McKeating, Gulfport, $50
Rachel McLeod, Gulfport, $100
Bonnie Sklaren, Gulfport, $150
Caesar Van Ardoy, Gulfport, $20
Faun Weaver, Gulfport, $50
Jeff White, Gulfport, $100
Carol Zuelsdorf, Gulfport, $40
Kurt Zuelsdorf, Gulfport, $50

James Anderson, St. Petersburg, $100
Richard Boylan, St. Pete Beach, $50
Jennifer Dennis, Seminole, $100
Peggy Goodale, Largo, $10
Nancy Hoppe, Largo, $20
Janet Long, Seminole, $150 (Pinellas County Commission)
Linda Lucas, St. Petersburg, $30
Linda Norris, Oldsmar, $200 (Oldsmar City Council)
Pinellas County DEC, St. Petersburg, $500
Pinellas Stonewall PAC, St. Petersburg, $200
Maija Russell, St. Petersburg, $100
Scott Wagman, St. Petersburg, $150

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