Upham Beach's Rocky Road

Upham Beach's Rocky Road

ST. PETE BEACH – In 2006, the city installed five temporary tee groins on Upham Beach. The permit allowed these structures to stand until permanent rocks replaced them, but budget cuts postponed the rock installation and renourishment.

 City commissioners voted to pressure the county to put in the permanent rocks now and then renourish the beach.

 “We may have to push it a little bit harder and... get the residents there interested in getting it done,” City Manager Mike Bonfield said.

 “Should we be reaching out, because some of us know some of the [county] commissioners?” Commissioner Marvin Shavlan asked. Commissioner Jim Parent shook his head affirmatively as City Manager Bonfield said yes.

 City Manager Bonfield also talked about the request putting the renourishment in what he considered a more logical progression of action.

 “The way it’s been in the past is that they nourish the beach, then dig it up to put the tee groins in,” he said, commenting that it made more sense to him to install the rocks before renourishing the beach.

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