Water Line Breaks on St. Pete Beach

Q: How many reclaimed water line leaks and breaks has SPB had in the past year? What about sanitary sewer leaks and breaks and potable (drinking) water leaks and breaks?

A: The city’s public works director, Steve Hallock, gave us the following information:
City workers responded to over 300 separate reports of reclaimed water leaks.
“These include mostly service connection breaks, but there were some actual pipe breaks as well,” Hallock said. Commissioners budgeted $48,700 this year to reduce future breaks and repair the system.
“We also have a policy now that any street project, such as this year's Blind Pass Road reconstruction (73rd Avenue to Gulf Boulevard) will include complete replacement of the reclaimed water,” Hallock said.
As for the sanitary sewer, or wastewater system, the city has three main sewer lines, called “force mains.” Force Main #2 has had three breaks in the past year, and the city is currently performing an emergency repair and replacement of 1300 feet of this line between 55th Avenue and Gulf Winds Drive. Engineering and construction costs for this repair total more than $350,000.
Pinellas County reports 10 potable (drinking) water main breaks over the last year. The county had a thorough pipe evaluation done in 2004 for the entire potable water system. Anytime any part of the system has multiple main breaks or pipe failures in an area, they have the pipe in those areas sampled to determine what is causing the increase in problems.
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