Weiss is delusional
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Ken Weiss has not won a single lawsuit against the city of SPB. He either drops the suits or other attorneys have to take over. The city has only lost two lawsuits so far and one of those they lost on appeal. Ross Burnaman handled the appeal and the other lawsuit the city lost was handled by the Battaglia firm. These are facts. This is the problem in SPB, you have a lawyer that has never been a good or successful lawyer, hence his claim to have been a fishing guide, he has no job and just tons of anger. After 6 years and almost a million dolars the city is exactly where they were before all of Weiss's lawsuits. He has accomplished exactly nothing but run up legal fees for the city and get a check for himself. He forgot to mention in the story he was being paid $5,000 a month. So much for altruism. Related Articles
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