Where's the Tree?

Cathy Salustri

Where's the Tree?

 The Gabber – this reporter – got the facts wrong first. In the paper’s defense, the Gabber also corrected the facts first.

 Last Thursday, when a tornado made landfall in Gulfport and toppled the large tree in front of Yummy’s, the Gabber incorrectly identified the tree twice, first as an oak and then as a cypress tree. The Gabber corrected the online error within hours. Other news outlets also mis-identified the tree; at press time, most of them had corrected the type of tree.

 As the tree mutated from oak to cypress to cedar, it also aged. Most non-Gabber accounts – some as far away as Montana – listed the tree’s age at 200.

 Pretty impressive for a tree that may or may not have existed in 1920.

 Town Historian Lynne Brown researched tree for us, and she found this photo of Beach Boulevard and 29th Street, taken in the 1920s. The building on the left is the same building that Castaways occupied until very recently. To its right, another building stands in the spot that looks to be in the same place as Yummy’s now stands.

 The photo shows a tall pine tree and a cabbage palm, but no cedar tree.

 We contacted a local landscape designer who estimated the tree’s age at roughly 120 years. We will update this story online at TheGabber.com once we get to the root of this disparity.

The Gabber would welcome any historical information about this tree. Send it to News@theGabber.com.