Who Are Gulfport Neighbors

Q: Who is Gulfport Neighbors and how does someone join?

A: The Gulfport Neighbors are not a city group, but we were able to get in touch at this past Saturday’s cleanup and ask them for details. By its own description, Gulfport Neighbors is a “volunteer network to help make Gulfport a better place to live and work.”
 In short, it’s a group of volunteers who want to solve problems in the community. So far the group has focused on litter cleanups – one last month on the beach and another last week along 49th Street – but it also plans to focus on the following, according to the group’s forthcoming brochure:


1. Improving Gulfport’s curb appeal

2. Elevating the arts in Gulfport’s consciousness

3. Providing new entertainment opportunities

4. Keeping Gulfportians informed

5. Advocating for government action

6. Working to improve Gulfport schools.

 Anyone can volunteer with Gulfport Neighbors. For more information, visit GulfportNeighbors.org.

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