Women's Club Donates to Stepping Stones


  The first meeting of GWC was held November 13th and hosted by Westminster Palms in St Petersburg. A delicious chicken Caesar salad followed by key lime pie was served to the group of thirty-five women attending. A heartfelt thank you is extended to the staff of Westminster Palms.

   This was followed by a wonderful and moving presentation made by Alyson McLeod, a counselor with the Stepping Stones Program (hospice for children). Many left with teary reminders of the wonderful work that is done by this group.  A donation was given to them to support their work.

   GWC is a not for profit organization whose purpose is to help the children and seniors of Gulfport. They are open to new members in the Gulfport surrounding communities who share this goal.

  If interested please call Joan at 345-0445 for more information or mail a check for $25 to GWC, P.O. Box 531274, Gulfport, FL 33747.  Meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month, November through April. 

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