You Can Be An Artist!

You Can Be An Artist!

Jenny Venouziou tries her hand at experiential art Saturday night. Ms. Venouziou came from New Jersey to visit family.

At Saturday night’s artwork, artist Vivi Steinfeld held a free experiential art workshop at Schork-Munsell studios in Gulfport’s Alley of the Arts. She set out paper and different types of drawing instruments and invited anyone to come in and create.

Ms. Steinfeld has a master’s degree in art therapy/counseling and explains experiential art in simple terms.

“The fundamental idea here is to not have judgment; it’s not to create something pretty. It’s not a craft space. It’s to experience how it feels, what art making feels like,” she says. “A lot of people feel like they can’t make art,” which, she says, may come from experiences with art classes in school.

“The idea is to give people the opportunity for a reparative experience. Very often, talent is just practice.”

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